Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

I just have to get better at adding stuff to this thing. Become Blogger Extraordinaire.

Hey--maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution! Then when I don't do it I won't feel that bad about it. . .

Merry Christmas! (I'm Christian, so I can say that)

Oh wow, I hope that doesn't offend anyone--I guess I should have said the more PC "Season's Greetings." But I always think that's kind of confusing--which season? I mean, if I said that and somebody reads this in April, then they'll think I mean "Happy Spring" but then they're gonna wonder why I'm celebrating spring. Whoa--then they'll think I'm like Pagan or something and man, would my mother ever be ticked off about that!

So, since I'm celebrating Christmas later today, I'll just say Merry Christmas. And then after that, I'll probably say something like Happy New Year--but, I'll say that because I really want everybody to have a happy new year and not because I'm trying to force my fervent hope that the 365 day period following December 31 is more prosperous and joyfilled for everyone. Hopefully that's not gonna be offensive.

Ho Ho Ho! (and I don't mean that to be offensive to any women with looser than normal morals.)