Friday, June 03, 2005

Starting Over

Oh, whatever will I do?

My absolute favorite reality tv show, Starting Over, has ended for this season! Now we're into reruns for the rest of the summer. Total bummer. I mean, TOTAL.

You know, there's nothing quite as self-affirming as watching real-life people be real-life miserable. And folks, I'm here to tell you, these women made me feel like the Queen of the World!

Any problem I had, they had it worse.

I HATE walking up steps. I'm too old to walk up steps. But poor Megg--claustrophia so bad she had panic attacks just thinking about going in an elevator! So, to help her out, well, I always take the elevator. You know, as a kind of karmic support system.

Then there was Candi, who wanted to be more in touch with her feminity. So, being the supportive viewer that I am, I bought lots of really pretty lingerie and make up and designer perfumes--again--that cosmic karmic support system.

I'm telling you--this is a great show.

So, I guess I just have to wait around until next season. . . or watch the summer re-runs and figure out more self-indulgent ways to be supportive to the troubled houseguests of the Starting Over house.

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