Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Shameful Addiction

My oldest son had to write a paper on the differences between men and women. I asked him what was the main difference--thinking he would say something horribly sexist and being ready to pounce on him for it--when he looked me dead in the eye and said,

"Two words, Mom. Mission Flower."

Well, he had me there.

I have a passion for dishes! Not dolls, or figurines or other "collectables". . . but dishes!

My poor sons--they have been dragged repeatedly to the Pfaltzgraff store to indulge their mother in her addiction.

How to describe it? I grew weary of my plain white everyday dishes. . . went on a web search for microwave safe oven-to-table ware and what did I find? Mission Flower..

Everything you see in this picture--I have. I have Mission Flower dinnerware, flatware, serving dishes, beverageware, containers, canisters, towels, oven mitts, note pads--if they made it, I bought it.

Sadly, I dragged my children once again to the Pfaltzgraff store. . . only to find out (bracing myself) that my pattern has been retired! OMG--no more Mission Flower!!!!

Trying to find a substitute. . . well, it's gonna be hard. Going through Mission Flower withdrawal. . .you'll find me haunting sites like eBay and Replacements, Ltd where retired patterns go to live. . .jonesing for my oven-to-table ware!

So. . . I guess this is a Pfaltzgraff intervention. . .time for the Mission Flower madness to come to an end!

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