Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Stuff in General

I'm tired of gay stuff.

I don't understand why people are so up in flames about it. Mind your own business, ya'll.

Gay Marriage
Marriage is a public and legal union between two people that are committed to each other. What does it matter what sex the two people are? They have elected to commit themselves to each other, end of story. Their sex is immaterial. . . they want to be together and they want to share their lives with each other. How can that possibly be wrong?

Gay Rights
Sometimes I think the majority just look for reasons to be upset about something. Forty years ago it was race. Now, it's sexual orientation.

Honestly--who one is intimate with is nobody's business except the two people involved. If you're a woman and you want to have sex with another woman--why should I care? As long as I'm not the woman she's looking for, it has nothing to do with me in any way.

I've always wondered why people feel it necessary to insert themselves into other people's private lives. I mean, we don't have Missionary Position Rights--if it's a man and a woman, nobody seems to care. But, if it's two people of the same sex, then suddenly everybody seems to think they have a say in it. Face it, people, you don't. It's not your business. Let it go, get your own life and leave them to theirs.

Gay Rights
Just the fact that those two words have to go together is just ridiculous. If you're gay, that's the way you're wired, why should anyone try to deprive you of any rights? It doesn't make you stupid, immoral, evil, malicious, salacious. . . it just means you're not sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex.


There are so many REAL problems in the country, in this world. People are losing their homes. There are incurable diseases. There are children spraying their schools with bullets. There are people dying because they can't pay for the medical care they need.

And we're worried about who people have sex with???? WHO CARES?????

How about we spend our time, effort and money on real problems? And along with that, how about we pay attention to what is in OUR homes instead of what other concenting adults are doing in theirs?

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