Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ribbed Square

Using worsted weigh yarn and an H or I hook, 4 rows of RD3 makes a 6 inch square. To make a square of another size, duplicate RD3 until square is 1 inch smaller than required, then add HDC row.

1. Ch 4, connect with SL to form ring; ch3

2. RD 1: 12 DC in ring, connect to 3rd ch to connect

3. RD2: SL into next stitch, ch3; FPDC in first DC in previous row. *DC in top loop of next ST; FPDC in post of next DC in previous round* 2 times (this results in 2 st per DC of 1st round, DC in top loop, FPDC around post) Ch2, DC to make corner . *FPDC in DC; DC in loop 3 times, make corner* 3 times. Connect with sl to 3rd stitch of ch to connect

4. RD3: SL into next ST, ch 3; FPDC on FPDC of previous round, DC in DC. After last FPDC, DC in next loop, ch2 and DC in same ST to make corner. Continue like this around square. Connect with SL in ch3

5. RD4-5 Same as RD 3

6. Final Round: SL into next ST; INT BACK LOOP ONLY, HDC in each st of previou round to corner; to make corner, HDC, DC, HDC. Continue around block in this manner. At last stich, HDC in same ST as SL, HDC, connect with SL.

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